• may amend the trust's articles of association, subject to applicable restrictions
  • have the power to appoint and remove trustees in certain circumstances
  • are responsible for appointing the trust's external auditors to prepare its annual accounts
  • focus on clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the trust
  • are responsible for holding individuals to account for the educational performance of the trust
  • are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the trust and making sure that money is well spent
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • is responsible for the operation of the trust including the performance of its schools
  • is the accounting officer so has overall responsibility for the operation of the trust's financial responsibilities and must ensure the organisation is run with financial effectiveness and stability
Local governing committees of each school within the trust
  • carry out some school-level governance functions on behalf of the trust
  • build an understanding on how the school is performing through scrutiny and evaluation of the quality of education and quality of care
  • engage with stakeholders including parents and the local community
Headteachers of each school within the trust
  • are responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and are accountable to the CEO
  • report to the local governing committee on matters within their remit including monitoring and scrutiny of the school's processes and performance