Parent Support Advisor

Hello, my name is Lyndsey Warren and I am the Parent Support Adviser. I am based at Tyneview Primary on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday afternoons.

Becoming a parent can be a really tough job and we all need some support from time to time. My role is to offer information, advice and support to all mums, dads and carers; so that they can ensure that their child can get the most out of their education and learning.

I can provide confidential support in a range of ways - over the phone or by email, or by meeting you in person, either at your child’s school or at home.

Some of the common reasons that parents contact their P.S.A;

How can I help with homework ?

My child is starting a new school.

My child is struggling with school.

Where can I get information about.....?

I am worried about my child’s behaviour at home / school

We’ve had a family bereavement

My child does not wish to go to school

My partner and I have split up - I am worried about my children

How can I get more involved with school ?

I am unhappy about how the school has dealt with an issue

Who can I talk to....?

How can I meet other parents dealing with similar issues ?

My child has a diagnosis and I would like some support

I need help with housing repairs or being rehoused

I am unsure of what benefits I am eligible to receive.

Or sometimes parent or carers simply want to pop in for a quick chat! So please drop in and see me if you are having any problems however big or small and I will certainly try my best to help.