Homework expectations at Tyneview

It is our school policy that every child has the following homework each week. Homework is monitored by staff in school and you will be notified if homework is not carried out.

Reading books are given as in the rest of the school, however, other homework is personalised to their targets and abilities.

KS1 & KS2
Reading- Children across the whole school should be reading at least 3 times a week. These books will be changed only when planners have been signed by an adult. For lower Year groups High Frequency Word cards will also be given and should be practiced each week.
Spellings- Children will be given and tested on spellings each week.
Numeracy- This will consist of times tables, number facts. E.g. pairs to 10 etc in order to consolidate mental maths work.

What happens if children do not carry out homework?
1st and 2nd time homework is not carried out-
Children will be given a yellow letter to take home. This will inform the parents/carers that your child will be required to stay in at break time in order to complete homework. This process will be repeated a second time if homework is not completed after that
3rd time homework is not carried out-
A red letter will be sent home and an appointment made for you, your child, teacher and Head teacher to have a formal discussion about lack of homework. In addition to this, your child will be expected to complete an after school homework session on a Monday evening.